Users Management System

Manage your members and employees profile information and other data easily and efficiently

Why Do You Need a UMS?

Record keeping, announcements, payment reminders can be a time consuming process that can lead to waste of resources and individual energy. Imagine a parent wanting to keep track of all the report cards of four of her children, and then imagine an association or organization like yours wanting to keep tabs on a hundred or a thousand members or personnel on a monthly or yearly basis. If your head starts to spin, we recommend an aspirin called UMS (User Management System).

For Associations

Manage the members of your association and keep their membership information in your website's online database for a paperless management approach. You can broadcast annoucements on each member's online profile page, email all members simultaneously from the system. In addition, set the system to remind your members of their expiring membership, and prompt them to renew.

Training Management

Allow your participants to register for your training programs, and store their profiles in your online database. Give your participants access to exclusive learning materials according to individual programs you create in your system, before or after the program they enroll takes place. Remind your participants about upcoming training programs, or recommend other programs that suit their profiles.

Online Businesses

Create a membership program online and differentiate between free users and premium users. Offer your subscribers different products, services and support level depending on their membership. Restrict content pages so that non-members to your website will not be able to view them (and get them to become a member to view). Promote new launches to all your users, or select relevant groups based on their membership level.

UMS Features

USER REgistration

Register users into your website and assign user groups for different functionalities


Customized online registration forms to streamline data from your existing records

Subscription reminders

Automatically remind users when their account is expiring


Register existing and new users for an upcoming event

Online payment

Accept payments for event tickets, membership renewals and other offers

Announcement board

Posts announcements on users dashboard, according to their membership levels  


Notify all users all select groups via email of upcoming events, news and promotions


Restrict your website content to your users according to their membership level

Analytics & Reporting

View your website vital statistics to improve your business based on user activities


Manage your users from your desktop, laptop and mobile phones


Build other functions into your website as the need arises

Wow Design

Professionally designed website to instill confidence in your brand

Interested in UMS?

If you think your association, organization or business can benefit from our UMS, contact us for a further discussion on how we can deliver a solution that fits your custom needs.